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After discussing the cyber threat and whether or not it is exaggerated, you head to work and have candid discussions with your leadership about security. Although no one agrees on the “level” of exaggeration in the media, the consensus is that the threat exists and your organization could do a much better job at securing its enterprise network.

Your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) asks you to review the seven domains of the typical IT infrastructure, and describe how you will:

  1. Reduce the attack surface with what hardening steps and network security management best practices;
  2. Ensure secure authentication, authorization, and accounting;
  3. Prevent or respond to intrusions.

* Hardening is the process of securing a system by reducing its surface of vulnerability: System Hardening In 7 (General) Steps

* Seven Domains of a Typical IT Infrastructure – Chapter 5

Forum Grading Rubric (100 Points)

Synthesis of Concepts


Clear Citations using APA format


Writing Standards




Peer Reviews (minimum of 2)


This assignment is a formative assessment for Course Objective 3.

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