Write a 1 page essay where you do not agree with the following 2 questions. I am not saying you do not agree with the fact it is an important question. I am asking you to “challenge” their thoughts on why it was important. This is not meant to “attack” others. It is simply meant for you to put forth why you disagree with their assessment.

Chapter 18

What is the most important consumer protection law the FTC administers and why?

I chose this question because consumer protection law is essential in keeping order in our economy and ensures consumers that their property will be protected when conducting business with firms. Especially in today’s day and age when a great amount of transactions is made via the internet, it can be very easy for sellers who know what they are doing to take advantage of consumers. Hackers, false persons, and phishing scams are all malicious acts that are protected by consumer protection laws. I believe the FTC act is the most important consumer protection act because it gives the government legal authority over anticompetitive, unfair, and deceptive business practices in the course of business. Unlike the Sherman and Clayton acts, the FTCA allows an accused party to enter into a consent agreement with the FTC in which the party does not admit guilt but agrees never to engage in the questionable behavior in the future (Britannica, 2019).

Chapter 19

Beijing, China is the world’s leading major city in air pollution. Beijing has the highest level of sulfur dioxide concentration, why is this? Also, are there organizations like the EPA in China to regulate pollution? If not, should world organizations like the U.N. intervene?

I chose this question because it seems like in America the EPA is very strict when it comes to air pollution. Especially when dealing with big, successful companies who expend a lot of energy to make their product or perform their service. However, I do not hear much about what is being done to combat air pollution in other countries. Especially in a big country like China who ranks second behind the United States in GDP output, there should be just as much regulation occurring. It is concerning that the top ten worst air-polluted cities are outside of the United States (Pagnattaro, 2016, pg. 591).

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