For the first part you will write a 3-paragraph summary-response, based on one of the chapters we read this week in Things that Make White People Uncomfortable: “Time Out,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Intersectionality Also Matters,” or “Our Daughters and the Power of Women.” (Note: Even though you will just write about one chapter, please read all chapters to help prepare you for the essay.)

This assignment is informal, meaning I will not be picky about grammar or sentence structure. Instead, I will be looking for the quality of your ideas and your critical and creative engagement with the text. Use this time to practice writing without fear. Try out some of the rhetorical moves (i.e. the templates) provided in They Say, I Say. Notice what the templates do to your writing and how they help move your thinking along. Try out new ideas, or ask questions without feeling like you have to arrive at a point or thesis. Simply use writing to explore your thinking here!


PARAGRAPH 1: Using the writing guidance in chapter 1, 2, & 3 of They Say, I Say (“They Say” and “Her point Is” and “The Art of Quoting”), write a fully developed summary paragraph of ONE of the chapters assigned this week in Things That Make White People Uncomfortable (you choose). Make sure you include a quote from the reading. Feel free to practice using the templates they provide for you in the book, or create your own.

PARAGRAPH 2: In paragraph 2, respond using one or more of the templates in “Three Ways to Respond: Yes/No/Okay, but” and/or “Distinguishing What You Say From What They Say.” Make sure to include a quote to help you articulate your point.


• X is mistaken because she overlooks recent fossil discoveries In the South.

• X’s claim that rests upon the questionable assumption that

• I disagree with X’s view that research has shown, < because, as recent

• X contradicts herself/can’t have it both ways. On the one hand, she argues . On the other hand, she-also says .

• By focusing on , X overlooks the deeper problem of .


I agree that diversity in the student body is educational valuable because my experience at Central University confirms it.

X is surely right about because, as she may not be aware, recent studies have shown that

• X’s theory of is extremely useful because it sheds light on the difficult problem of

• Those unfamiliar with this school of thought may be interested to know that it basically boils down to .


• Though I concede that • X is right that , I still insist that ., but she seems on more dubious ground when she claims that

• While X is probably wrong when she claims that _, she is right that _

• Whereas X provides sample evidence that , Y and Z’s research on and convinces me that instead.

PARAGRAPH 3: In paragraph 3, make your point in paragraph 2 relevant by using one of the templates in “So What? Who Cares?” Consider what is going on in our country and for whom this issue matters. I encourage you to also think about responsibility, as Bennett does. Now that we know about these issues, do we have a responsibility to act? How so?

For the second part of this assignment you will take a second trip down the “rabbit hole” by researching your new inquiries while reading Things That Make White People Uncomfortable. What questions did you pose while reading the first few chapters of Bennett’s book? Look over your annotations for where you did something like this (?). What do you want to know more about? Dive into the world wide web and let your original research focus evolve as you learn new information. After researching for 30 minutes, record your “field notes” in this discussion post.

  1. QUESTION/S: What was your original research question/s or topic/s?
  2. DISCOVERY: What were you hoping to find? What did you find (summarize your research and include links, author name, title, etc.)? You should find at least TWO sources during your rabbit hole research journey. Keep in mind that sources can be written or visual (i.e. video), but should be credible (not wikipedia, avoid what might be fake news).
  3. REFLECTION: Did your research take you on an unexpected journey? Explain. What new questions do you have as a result of your research? How are you now “re-seeing” Bennett’s arguments?

Please follow the instructions to do the writing. Make sure you have read at least one chapter of the book and write about it.

For part two,you have to list two sources for the research part. Part 1 and 2 both required 1 page writing. Please write it separately.

The book can be read online through kindle, I will provide the account.

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