For this assignment, you will search the online news outlets to find an article that meets the following criteria:

  • It must be no older than 2016 ** Please include the HTTP address of the article in your submission.
  • It must focus on a specific workplace issue or phenomenon (can involve individuals or groups) that relates to employee attitude, perception, and/ or behavior.

You will then critically analyze the article

  • Clearly identify the a) core issue, b) the relevant contextual factors contributing to the issue, and c) the specific outcomes or impacts that the issue is having on the employees AND the organization.
  • Then, please discuss what role specific OB factors such as organizational structure, personality, perception, emotion, and motivation you feel are influencing the situation, and explain why.
  • Last, based off of your response to Q2 please outline what action steps employees and managers could take to remedy the situation, and what specific outcomes you would expect.

Grading Rubric

Criteria 1: Responses directly addressed the questions listed in the instructions (20%)

EXAMPLE QUESTION: What makes studying Organizational Behavior useful for managers?

ACCEPTABLE RESPONSE: Organizational behavior is based on several disciplines such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, and political science. As such, managers who better understand the individual, group, and social influences on how people think, feel, and act are more effective in managing their performance on the job as well as their fit with an organization’s culture.

Criteria 2: Responses clearly identified OB factors relevant to the issue identified and substantive discussion was provided to explain the relevance and influence of those factors (60%)

EXAMPLE QUESTION: Why might an introvert struggle in a contemporary workspace?

ACCEPTABLE RESPONSE: According to the Big 5 set of global personality traits, introverts (as opposed to extroverts) prefer interpersonal interactions with those people they know and trust versus casual acquaintances or strangers, are more prone to listening than speaking, and do better on job tasks when performed by themselves.

At the same time, organizations have increasingly created expectations and work environments that promote higher levels of openness, interpersonal interactions, and shared personal space. This not only creates distractions for them as they try to do their jobs, but it also makes them uncomfortable which dissuades them from interacting with others. This in turn could reduce their career advancement or leadership opportunities if they are seen as anti-social or not a ‘team player’.

Criteria 3: Responses demonstrated insight and original thought (10%)

EXAMPLE QUESTION: What key factor should a manager consider when setting performance standards for employees?

ACCEPTABLE RESPONSE: One factor a manager should consider is how closely aligned the performance standard is with the company strategy. This is because strategic objectives for production output, cost, and quality are determined by the company according to the product and service characteristics intended for a specific market segment. Therefore, employee performance standards must directly support those production goals.

Criteria 4: Assignment responses were differentiated using a numbered or letter format (10%)


Question 1; Question 2; Question 3

Q1; Q2; Q3

A.; B,; C.

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