Extra Credit 25 Points

Self-directed field trip to a Gallery or Museum of your choice. Write a paper that incorporates the elements and principles of art in a visual analysis of a work of art.

  1. First, you must choose an exhibition or show from the list of Museums and Galleries below.
  2. Once you have chosen an exhibition that is interesting to you, you must head over in person to the gallery or museum that is hosting the exhibit. Once you arrive, you need to take a photo of yourself outside the museum or exhibit, or, if allowed, next to the art work itself.
  3. Once you are inside, please answer the following questions:

-What show did you attend? Give me an overview of the exhibit. Describe for me what you see.

-What is the title of the show and how does it relate to the work?

-Tell me about the artist or the artists chosen.

  1. Now pick out two works or art in the exhibit, one that you enjoy and one that you find visually unpleasing or that makes you uncomfortable. Please give a visual analysis of both these works. Describe them to me as if I were blind. When describing them you must use the Elements and Principles of Art Vocabularyto explain the work. Vocab definitions can be found on Haiku Learning in the lecture sections under elements and principles. Only use the vocabulary words that apply to the objects you are describing.
  2. With your ideas of likes and dislikes explain why it works for you or why it does not. Elaborate you ideas and opinions.
  3. Overall, did you enjoy or dislike the show and why.

* you are allowed to do two papers a semester, must be at two separate estabilshments

Paper Requirements

-Separate Title Page

-Must be typed in 12 font only, 1” margin, 2 full pages or more of typed word for full credit

-Double spaced only

-Must include picture of your self at exhibit and the ticket into the show if there is one, all on a separate page.

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