The essence of this project is for you to choose a legal topic that is of interest to you and demonstrate that you can apply economic analysis to the legal issues raised by the topic. One approach to identifying a topic is to skim the National Law Journal or legal sections of The Econcomist, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Enquirer, or similar source for actual cases or other legal disputes that are in the news. Another approach is to think of an application of a mechanism that we study in the course. It is best if you limit your topic to the areas of property, contracts, torts, crime, or concepts of justice. You may not do project on antitrust law and economics.

You should list sources that you used for the project, but you do not have to use outside sources.

Your project should include graphical models where appropriate.

Grading will accommodate different approaches to satisfying the project requirement. Thoughtful application of mechanism design to law is the main requirement.

I have uploaded some lectures below. The topic is very broad, but should relate to lectures. Total 10 pages without reference page. 5-10 sources.

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