My Proposal-Collecting Data on Consumers

I need a problem statement (250 words), purpose statement, and research question for my proposal. Pick an issue that is researchable. Pick something that is of interest to you..

1. A problem statement orients the reader to what the problem is. In other words, it is the “what” of the proposal. You are deciding that there is a problem with some researchable topic. Start the problem statement with a “hook”. The hook is a startling statement from an outside piece of research that relates to your topic. In the next sentence, frame the hook to your topic using your own words. I recommend using a couple of pieces of outside research in this section, but don’t overdo it…this section mainly consists of your own ideas of what the problem is. Make sure you have one clear sentence at the end of the problem statement that says “The problem is….”.

2. The purpose statement is the “why”. Why is your research necessary? This can be brief, but more than one sentence (perhaps a paragraph or two). Make sure you have a clear sentence that states “The purpose of this proposal is…”. In the case of this class, it’s probably to research an issue (i.e. the problem).

3. The research question can use some of the same verbiage as the problem and purpose statement. For instance “Why do managers in an era of technology have a difficult time communicating face to face in department teams?” would be a research question for purposes of this class (please do not use this topic — it’s just an example).

APA format/References when needed

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