HELLO! each one should have a separate paragraph to separate the answers from each other. Also it doesn’t need to be long. about 100 words each only.

PARAGRAPH 1 – After watching Act I of La Bohème and reading the plot synopsis of the entire opera (both of which you should have done for this week’s Video Quiz), reflect on why this opera came to be known as “the world’s favorite opera”. What was it about the music, the story, the characters, and/or the setting that made its appeal so universal?

PARAGRAPH 2- Watch this video about the New World Symphony (1893) by Dvořák, then re-listen to the piece from this week’s Listening Playlist. What do you hear in the music that makes it “American” to you? Why do you think a European was better able to capture the sound of America at that time than any of the American composers?

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