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I have decided to choose Atlas (Carlao) by Vik Muniz. One of the elements of this photograph is that the artist had to physically set up the setting himself, he had to find the subject and arrange the garbage himself on the floor to get it to be exactly how he imagined it to be. This kind of art could be considered not only photography but assemblage. By doing this it gave him the idea that he was “painting” the picture that he envisioned. The photograph was to give the perspective of a garbage collectors life and to set them them up and make the audience obtain a noble imagery of the garbage collectors. I think that the artwork Tracer by Robert Rauschenberg in chapter 24 might have had a small influence on Muniz’s photograph. Rauschenberg’s artwork was considered an assemblage piece in that he combined paint strokes, and images/photographs from documents. What makes Muniz’s photo interesting and unique is that the garbage that he used to assemble together was actually from the person that he photographed, which made the image more personal to not only that model but to Muniz himself.

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