Estimate the time length of the circle time teacher goals for the learning activity and subject matter of the whole circle time

Minimum 250 words on each part.

Lesson 7 Discussion

Make a rough outline for one circle time activity in which there is some type of short learning activity:

Estimate the time length of the circle time, teacher goals for the learning activity, and subject matter of the whole circle time.

Include teacher plans for the beginning and ending of the circle time as well as the transitions into and out of circle time.

Discuss what you see as the value (or lack of value) of chants and transitional statements as they pertain to circle times.

Describe how leading or participating in circle times with young children applies to you. Include personal and/or professional applications.

Lesson 7 Assignment

A. Make a puppet described in this chapter or make one of your own choosing.

When your puppet is completed, take an image of your puppet showing the puppet in its entirety; i.e., if you are creating a feather duster bird, you need to photograph the whole feather duster so instructor can see details.

Take front, side, and back images of the puppet.

If you like, take close-ups of any parts of the puppets that you think are interesting or particularly creative.

Use a cover page with your name and the assignment label “Puppet Assignment”.

Review the document for completeness. How does it look? Is everything spelled correctly? How’s the grammar? Make sure to put your name and the other pertinent information like you did in previous assignments.

You can shrink the images if they are large. Each individual image should, at most, be able to reasonably fit in 1/2 (half) a page to 3/4th of an “8.5” by “11” document. An “8.5” by “11” document is the size of a “regular sheet” of paper you might use when writing a paper. Remember, your instructor has to see the puppet to evaluate it.

B. Provide a summary as to why you chose to make this particular puppet and how will you use this puppet. With whom will you use this puppet? Will you use a book with the puppet? Why do you think this puppet will engage the children? Why are puppets important for use with children?

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