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I think lying to someone is wrong because you are purposely taking someone trusts for weakness. I think never right to lie to someone because once you tell the lie one time you will have to continue to tell the lie the say way. My father taught me that there are many ways to lie but there is only way to tell the truth. In other words being truthful is so much easier than telling a lie. I disagree with Kant because there is no right time to do something such as murder, theft or lying because those crimes can really change a person’s life. Murder would end a person’s life and there is no way to come back from that. Theft is also a big deal because what if the person that you are stealing from needs the money or material possessions to get by. For example stealing money from a person what if that was their money for their bills or for their rent. Lying is never permissible because it lessening your integrity and next time you tell someone something they may not believe you even if it’s the truth. Deontological ethics allow people to stay very consistent because they would perform an act in practically the same way each time they satisfy their obligation. In addition, followers of deontological ethics often place their duties or priorities on family, friends, or other people they are very familiar with. A big disadvantage is that a deontologist may not violate a duty to prevent several violations caused by other people, and this is often called the “paradox of deontological constraints” [2]. Expressed in another way, the system has the “seeming irrationality of our having duties or permissions to make the world morally worse” [2]. In some cases, the duty may actually lead to disastrous consequences. A good example was presented in class by Professor Turner, where a deontologist would not kill Hitler knowing the man would be responsible for killing millions of other people.


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