answer 2 question about the product

Here is 6 question, 4 already done, do the last 2 only BY using these informations from the questions.

1-What “product” will your new company offer?

  • Solar Powered Heated Lunch Box

How does your product differ from what’s already out there?

  • Very Durable, Earth Friendly, and will keep food warm throughout the day

(Recall the broad definition of “product.”)

2- Selling your product

A. Who are your customers?

  • Campers and Workers

What is your target market?

  • People who pack their foods and go on camping or construction workers

B. How will you price your product?

  • We will price our product by adding the amount for a heated lunch box and

the amount for a mini solar panel. The total for the two will be $15 dollars.

We will sell the product starting at $26.99

How will you “position” your product in the market?

C. What kind of advertising will you use?

  • Social Media Advertisement

D. How will you distribute your product? Who will sell it?

  • Through
  • Dicks Sporting Goods and other outdoor wholesalers

3- Organizing your business. Finding employees.

A. How many employees will you need?

  • The product will be mass produced so we will need a lot of employees.

B. What are some of the different skills or areas of expertise these employees will


  • Expertise in operating machines. Expertise in making solar panels.

C. How will you keep them motivated?

  • Salaries, employee benefits,

4- Identifying key components of your business environment

A. Who are your primary competitors? How competitive is the industry in which

you plan to operate?

B. Are there legal or regulatory constraints of which you should be aware?


5- How much money

A. How much money will you need to get started?

B. What are some of the possible sources of these funds?

6- Broader goals and objectives

Are there social and/or ethical implications of your business proposal?

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