Math Comfort Level reply 2 writing homework help

This is the second discussion board reply. The reply could be 100 words.

This course has impacted my comfort with, and attitude toward mathematics in general in a way of understandable. I have learned so much in this course that I feel satisfied with this class. Everything was well organized and explained. Math isn’t my strong subject but in this course, every lesson would show how to solve the questions but giving you a different one each time. It would give you unlimited per question and you could try however many times you desire. I feel that mathematics isn’t as complicated as it seems. Like once, my teacher said, “Practice makes perfection”. If I don’t understand a lesson I need to study it until I learn it. I feel that I am more confident to teach mathematics to elementary students because of this course it helped me a lot. I have the confidence I need. By me understanding the method of math and how to demonstrate them the easy way of comprehending mathematics. I have learned to not be shy in front of kids nor adults. I am a substitute teacher and that has help me a lot. I have been subbing more elementary students than high or middle school. When I’m subbing k-4th grade I am teaching them the lesson that they are assign. In some assignments are an addition , subtraction, division or multiplication. Some students don’t understand so I get on the board and teach them how to solve it. Once I remember I had done a lesson in this course and the day after I was subbing a class and what I had learn I had to teach them because they were learning a lesson that I had already learn. This course helps me refresh my mind and understand easy methods for mathematics. For example, when I would give them word worksheet problems they wouldn’t like it, they said it was hard. But when I would break it down they saw how easy it was to understand it. In this course, there were word problems and thought it was hard too. This course would break it in parts so I could understand it in a way to understand it. The activities were easy to, for example the homework I would always try to take notes on the questions I would get wrong. In my opinion I think I have the confidence to teach elementary mathematics.

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