Lawsuit –

The City of Bedrock was facing an epidemic of underage drinking. Fred Flinstone, a senior at the local high school, had been cited at least five times. On two of those occasions he required medical
treatment. One day, as Fred was leaving the parking lot after a high school basketball game, he hung out of the passenger window of the car he was in and yelled to Officer Barney Rubble, who was
directing traffic, “Why don’t you **&%@#$ direct the traffic properly?”
Officer Rubble got into his police car and tracked down the vehicle in which Fred was a passenger. As Officer Rubble approached the vehicle, he noticed Fred in the passenger seat attempting to put
on a seat belt. Officer Rubble instructed Fred to step out of the car, and Fred refused. Officer Rubble noticed that Fred’s eyes were red and that he emitted a strong odor of alcohol. Officer
Rubble then reached into the car, grabbed Fred by the arm, and assisted him out. The car in which Fred was riding then sped away, and Officer Rubble questioned Fred. Officer Rubble believed he had
probable cause to cite Fred for underage drinking and disorderly conduct. However, he issued only an underage drinking citation and took Fred to the Bedrock police station.While at the police
station, Fred told Officer Rubble “If I get this ticket, you’ll be reading about me in the obituaries tomorrow.” When Fred’s mother came to pick him up at the police station, Officer Rubble told
her of the suicide threat, and he recommended that she seek treatment for her son. Officer Rubble then released Fred into his mother’s custody. She did not act on Officer Rubble’s suggestion.
Instead, she and her son went home. The next morning, Fred took his father’s shotgun and left his house before his parents awoke. When the parents later realized he was missing, Fred’s mother told
his father of the events of the previous night. Fred’s father then went to the police station to report that his son and his shotgun were missing from the family home. He suggested to Chief Wilma
Wilson that no police officer should have contact with his son until he (the father) had been called to calm him down. At Chief Wilson’s request, Officer Betty Barnes typed a “Missing Person”
report that noted Fred’s suicide comment.
Later that morning, Officer Barnes saw a car speeding and disobeying traffic signals in the city of Bedrock. Officer Barnes gave chase; she did not know at the time that Fred was driving the car.
When Fred noticed that Officer Barnes had activated her siren and flashing lights, Fred “accelerated hard” in an attempt to flee. Fred continued to flee at high speed until he reached the Bedrock
At this time, Officer Barnes called for backup and Officer Rubble arrived at the Bedrock Dam. Once Fred arrived at the Bedrock Dam, he got out of his car brandishing the shotgun he had taken from
his house. He pointed the gun at the two officers who ducked behind their cars. Officer Barnes warned Fred to put down the gun. Then the officers heard a shot. When Officers Barnes and Rubble
looked around their cars, they saw Fred lying on the ground bleeding from the chest. Fred had attempted suicide. He survived but suffered major injuries.
Fred’s parents approach you in regards to filing a lawsuit. list what type of lawsuit can be filed, who can be sued, what grounds the lawsuit would include and any defenses that may arise to the

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