Business Side of Standard Deviation –

Business Side of Standard Deviation
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You are a financial analyst for a Fortune 500 company and you must present
an analysis of the financial data to the executives.
Select a publicly traded company in the same industry as the company you
work for or one that you would like to work.
Locate the company’s annual report and any other available data (e.g. units
manufactured, revenue, etc.) that is available for the last 5 years.
Use one of the company’s historical data sets to calculate the standard
deviation of the selected data for the last 5 years.
Discuss what the standard deviation means.
Analyze data using variance and standard deviation.
Create a 10-slide MicrosoftR PowerPointR presentation including detailed
speaker notes in which you include the following:
.Graph the company’s selected financial data.
.Explain the role of standard deviation in financial analysis.
.Explain any other uses for standard deviation in a business setting

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