Applied pathophysiology in advanced paramedic practice –

Applied pathophysiology in advanced paramedic practice
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Part 1 (300-400 word as a guide) – brief and succinct and provide sufficient information to inform the reader of the chosen topic – Food induced Anaphylaxis – and why it has been chosen in relation
to my role of paramedic. outline of paper and expected outcomes. Part 2 – (approx 1500 words) Scientific discourse on appropriate pathophysiology, pathophysiological processes and consequences
(physical signs and symptoms). Full explanation on the underpinning processes and actions) Inclusion of diagrams or other illustrative material at end as an appendix). Part 3 – (typically 1500
words) in depth literature review of selected physical signs and symptoms (respiratory and cardiovascular) with discussion focused on innovative ways in which the challenges presented by these
signs and symptoms can be met by good quality paramedic care. Part 4 – (approx 500-700 words) conclusion which summarises the content and includes recommendations for practice.

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