Scope Management Plan Outline 1 INTRODUCTION 2 Scope Management Approach 3 Roles and…

Scope Management Plan Outline
2 Scope Management Approach
3 Roles and Responsibilities
4 Scope Definition
5 Project Scope Statement
6 Work Breakdown Structure
7 Scope Verification
8 Scope Control
Kitchen design for international competition
Executive Summary
The idea of the project is preparing a kitchen for an international competition that will be presented on television around the world. It would be great to watch an international chef contest around world. However, this would not be enjoyable if the kitchen in which the contestants work is small and congested.
This project seeks to prepare a kitchen to fully cater for the needs of 200 chefs in order to work better and comfortable. The idea is to end up with a spacious, fully equipped modern kitchen with an art decorated dining table and one in which any chef would enjoy to work in. The project will be structured in such a way that all purchases are made, then the old appliances are removed.
The kitchen will be inspected then the ceiling and floor will be prepped for cabinets, appliances, and wall painting. The remodeling project will include the removal and replacement of appliances, removing the sink, floor, windows, and wall. Lights will be installed on the wall.  We seek to buy new kitchen equipment and install new fixtures and fittings, appliances and cupboards.
We will add windows and new flooring, giving special consideration to the lighting counters, which will be the task area. The project properly will cost the host between $80,000 and $1000,000. The costs are high because the competition we will watched worldwide on TV channels. The project completed within four months. finally, this is the general idea about project.


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