choose a topic of interest that you would want to research through a survey design and please respond to the following

Surveys can be a useful way to get a lot of information from many people quickly. They can be administered by phone, mail, in person, or on the internet. Researchers can choose to use open-ended questions or questions with forced choices, such as with the Likert scale. Researchers want to design surveys to maximize response rate and accuracy of responses. As an example, if a researcher wants to create a survey of cyber bullying, s/he might want to administer this online as those who are experiencing cyber-bullying are already spending time online. If s/he wants to target adolescents, s/he will want to word his or her survey in a way that it is easily understood by adolescents. If s/he thinks adolescents might not want to spend a lot of time on the survey, s/he might choose to use forced choice responses instead of open-ended questions. This will also reduce the time that s/he spends coding and interpreting open-ended responses. S/he might anticipate that some adolescents do not take the survey seriously and that some data might not be accurate.

Choose a topic of interest that you would want to research through a survey design, and please respond to the following:

  • Define a research question for this topic.
  • Create a sample survey of five items to research this topic.
  • Discuss who you will administer this survey to, what type of sampling will you use, and why this population and sampling was chosen.
  • Discuss how responses can be scored and interpreted.

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