Speech on Punishment Philosophies Imagine that you have just been appointed as the new Commissioner.

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Speech on Punishment Philosophies

Imagine that you have just been appointed as the new Commissioner of Corrections for the state of Massachusetts. You are now in charge of all the state correctional institutions and the staff that work for the department. You have to give a speech to all of the staff that will be working for the department. This speech will also be televised to the general public. In this speech you need to explain which philosophies of punishment you will implement in the department. In other words, you need to explain how the department will function under your leadership.  What philosophies will you implement and why will you use those.  Choose the three you favor most.

In writing your speech, consider the following:

  1. correctional history
  2. the impact of the philosophies: physical, financial, and emotional
  3. consider the impact on the system, offender, victim, and society
  4. be specific, use examples of things you will do, changes you will make and why you will make such changes

Your speech should be written in a 3 page essay.  The paper must be typed, double-spaced.  If you quote someone or use statistics, please include the source of the information.

Note:  You are the Commissioner of Corrections, so you don’t have the power to change the law.  For example, you cannot say that you are going to institute the death penalty, that would be a legislative decision.  You can however say that you will lobby to have a law changed. 







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Speech on Punishment Philosophies

“Punishment; what comes to your mind on the mention of the word punishment? To many, punishment is any act that one deems as painful (sage, 103). Working overtime at no extra pay is in itself punishment. However, in the context of correctional facilities, punishment is something painful to the doer, imposed by an institution against whose rules have been broken. There is bound to be several law breakers in every society and it matters…………….


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