An online stock trading firm has a fixed cost of $1700 and avariable cost of $6.5x, where x is the n

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An online stock trading firm has a fixed cost of $1700 and avariable cost of $6.5x, where x is the number of clients thatsuscribe to the firm’s trading service. If the firm has 170clients, what is the lowest price it can charge each client withoutpushing total revenue below cost? Question 2 Say that a buyer of bonds values good bonds at $400 and valuesbad bonds at $250. Sellers of both good and bad bonds value them at$300. If the fraction of good sellers is 30% and the rest are badsellers, then the maximum price an uninformed buyer will pay is____ and this ___ high enough to sustain trade in both types ofbonds. Question 3 A loan buyer in a secondary market believes that x% of the loansare high quality, and the rest are low quality. The buyer valueshigh quality loans at $100,000 and low quality at $75,000. Banksselling loans value high quality loans at $83,750 and value lowquality at $55,550. If the buyer cannot observe the bond’s type,then the maximum price the buyer will pay is equal to the seller’svalue of high quality loans when x is Question 4 A financial intermediary is hired to make a transaction “goforward”. The intermediary can do a good job that costs theintermediary $400, or do a bad job that costs zero. If theintermediary does a good job the transaction will go forward. Ifthe intermediary does a bad job the transaction will go forwardwith probability 0.85, and will fail with probability 0.15. Thecustomer can’t observe the intermediary’s job choice and simplypays the intermediary $X if the transaction goes forward and pays$0 if it fails. What is the minimum X the customer must pay inorder to persuade the intermediary to do a good job? Question 5 When a bank makes its loans, if it
screens itsborrowers it will collect repayment revenue of $40,000 per loan,but if it
doesn’t screen its borrowers then it willcollect $40,000 per loan with probability 0.8 and collect $0 withprobability 0.2. The cost of screening is $2,000 per loan. In thiscase, the expected payoff for the bank from screening is ____ andthe expected payoff from not screening is ____ . . . .

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