informative annotated bibliography 1

Please follow the guidelines below to write an informative annotated bibliography on the topic of keto diet and their overall benefits.


Informative Speech Annotated Bibliography Title

Title is centered at the top of the page. Title should include your topic related to your research.

Bibliographic Formation

* Authors should be last name first, initials with proper punctuation.

* Year should be in parentheses, with proper punctuation.

* First word in title of article, chapter, data set must be capitalized. In cases where proper nouns exist, they must be properly capitalized with proper punctuation.

* In the event a journal is referenced, there must be a volume number followed by the issue number in parentheses.

* There must be a hanging indentation.


Waite, L. J., Goldschneider, F. K., & Witsberger, C. (1986). Nonfamily living and the erosion of traditional family orientations

among young adults. American Sociological Review, 51 (4), 541-554.


* Annotation must be a critical vetting of the author’s research.

* Annotation must not be a copy and paste of the abstract. It should be written in your own words.

* Annotation should be no less than 100 words not to exceed 120 words.

* Annotation should be in block format.

Additional Information:

* There should be no less than six sources.

* There must be two peer review journal articles.

* There must be two news/journalism articles.

* There must be two data sets.

* No excessive use of internet sources.

* Font criteria is 12-point font, Times New Roman.

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