The aim of this project is to provide the practical experience of working through the complete… 1 answer below »

The aim of this project is to provide the practical experience of working through the complete life cycle of an imaginary project on Pandemic Control and Management Support (PCMS). This project will also give students an opportunity to research and exercise various project management methods.


The Pandemic Control and Management Support (PCMS) is a two-year project in which to design, research and produce a support system for (1) government to get comprehensive information on the disease, e.g., its origin, its biological family, the demographic distribution of the people who contracted the disease, etc, for making decisions on pandemic control and management; (2) citizens to get warnings, advices, and necessary care arrangement if necessary. The PCMS system would be used by the government to integrate some existing applications/systems in collecting data, data analytics and prediction.

This project is complex as it involves putting an innovative use of relatively new technologies especially big data analytics into the exiting systems with a need to integrate with various applications cross the departments and agencies.

The PCMS has a large international presence since many countries have own their PCMS systems that vary in terms of scale and complexity, giving potential for this service to become global, e.g., becomes a system that can be used by WHO. The project is also responsive to the need for change in order to meet different department needs, different platforms and to meet various standards.


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