Question Attempt All Questions 1. How might Daimler-Benz’s broadening of its International owner



Attempt All Questions 1. How might Daimler-Benz's broadening of its International ownership base help the parent company do business in global markets? 2. Will Daimler-Benz still be a German firm if, ultimately, the company yes earns more than fifty percent (50%) of its equity from foreign investors? 3. Discuss problems of cultural differences in international/global business • Define culture • Differences • Language • Law & ethics • Value & taste • Family sizes 4. Analyze the strategic implications of NAFTA from the perspective of firms based in the United States of America. • Reginal Economic Integration • Market Expression for U.S. & Canada • Economics of scale among nations • Mobility of Industries & labor • Limits & functional crisis of Mexico • America Auto Industries enjoyed free trade 5. Sector-by sector analysis. • Tariffs • Quotas • Non- tarriff barriers- import • Land trandportations, etc.

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