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1. (TCO 1) Which of the following are considered to be examples of Byzantine architecture? (Points : 5) Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Venice Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Alhambra Palace, Grenada All of the Above 2. (TCO 1) Which of the following artists is NOT considered a Baroque master? (Points : 5) Jan Vermeer Johannes Goedaert Jacques-Louis David Caravaggio 3. (TCO 1) The Romans contributed which structural/architectural invention? (Points : 5) Concrete Nails Asphalt Glue 4. (TCO 3) The term Renaissance is associated with: (Points : 5) the rebirth of classical Greek ideals. the ideals of Humanism. Medici’s Florence. All of the above 5. (TCO 3) During the Renaissance, which humanist painter painted Primavera, which depicted Venus, the goddess who represented the highest moral qualities? (Points : 5) Sandro Botticelli Filippo Brunelleschi Lorenzo Ghiberti Leon Battista Alberti 6. (TCO 3) Ancient Egyptian economic prosperity is attributed mainly to which of the following? (Points : 5) Ingenious rulers The Nile River The development of the alphabet Socially responsible laws 7. (TCO 4) Beowulf and The Song of Roland best reflect the characteristics of which period? (Points : 5) Ancient Greek Early Medieval Renaissance Baroque 8. (TCO 5) The Parthenon was built at the highest point of Athens, along with other symbolic buildings and statuary. What is this highest point called? (Points : 5) Polis Cella Acropolis Metopes 9. (TCO 1) Which humanist scholar translated the works of Plato and coined the term Platonic love, thereby recasting Platonic thought in contemporary terms? (Points : 5) Marsilio Ficino Cosimo de’ Medici Sandro Boticelli Lorenzo de’ Medici 10. (TCO 1) John Locke’s “Essay on Human Understanding” stressed the importance of which of the following? (Points : 5) People are perfectly capable of governing themselves. Citizens should submit to the monarchy. The state has a right to property. Individuals must volunteer for the military. 11. (TCO 5) Match the architectural term with its definition. (Points : 10) Answer Potential Matches: : Arch 1 : Any structure that supports a larger structure : Buttress 2 : Supports the entire structure : Vault 3 : Occurs when several arches form in a circle and join at the top : Dome 4 : Occurs when arches are used to create enclosed structures : Bearing wall 5 : Supports its structure by stemming from the base at a 90 degree angle and then curving to an apex to meet another post 12. (TCO 1 & 2) Define one element of art from the Week 4 tutorial. (Points : 15) 13. (TCO 3 & 4) In what way(s) were the Ancient Greeks an important influence in the history of the humanities? (Describe at least one contribution and explain why it is important.) (Points : 15) 14. (TCO 5) Given any of the periods we have studied thus far in class, choose a work of art, and discuss how the work is a reflection of the culture that created it. Please provide the title of the work and the name of the artist (if known). (Points : 30)

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