Determine potential international markets for existing or proposed goods and services…

Planning the Global Business Enterprise

MODULE 1 – Identifying Global Business Opportunities

· Determine potential international markets for existing or proposed goods and services

MODULE 2 – Analyzing International Competitors

· Identify domestic and international companies involved in similar business global business activities

MODULE 3 – Assessing the Economic-Geographic Environment

· Examine geographic and economic factors that affect the business environment of a nation

MODULE 4 – Assessing the Social-Cultural Environment

· Research social institutions, customs, traditions, and beliefs influencing business

MODULE 5 – Assessing the Political-Legal Environment

· Research the influence of government and regulations on business activities

PHASE 2 – Organizing for Global Business Activities

MODULE 6 – Financing Sources for Global Business Operations

· Project start-up costs and funding sources for international operations

MODULE 7 – Managing International Financial and Business Risks

· Identify methods for reducing global business risks

PHASE 3 – Implementing the Global Market Plan

MODULE 8 – Product and Target Market Planning for Foreign Markets

· Identify specific attributes and customer benefits for a proposed international product or service

MODULE 9 – Selecting an International Pricing Strategy

Recommend a global pricing strategy based on costs, market demand, competition, and economic environment

PHASE 4 – Implementing the Global Market Plan

MODULE 10 – Measuring International Business Success

· Suggest potential criteria for global business accomplishments based on financial results and social contributions

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