extra credit reflection on instructor feedback

Please review the feedback I left you carefully. In order to receive the full 5 extra credit points, you must make a checklist of 3-5 things you can work on and why when preparing your next rough draft. Your reflection must be 100-200 words. Please submit an MLA-formatted document with your word count as a 5th line in the heading. Use a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file format. Make sure you are using complete sentences, though bullet points or numbering is acceptable. Make sure to read first the feedback and write about them and how you will improve your writing for the next time


, work on your source integration. Right now, you are using APA style by simply putting the authors after an idea. You need to review “Quoting Sources Using MLA.” Also, your first citation in your Works Cited page does not contain enough information for me to tell what kind of source it is.

Be sure to put your thesis in bold.

Do not put quotation marks around your title unless you are quoting someone else.

A minimum of 2-3 templates are underlined.

i attached the essay for you so you can see what i didnt do and include it in the reflection

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