quantitative skills and entrepreneurship studies individual student assignment


Research on the following topics

Write a project report as concerns the given topic

Do a power point class presentation


ALL members must be present.

Every presentation will take a maximum of 30 mins followed by questions from the panel.

The Project and presentation comprises the CAT mark out of 40%


Sections that you need to include are,

Top page; Title, Author, University, School, Department, Degree being pursued, Date (Month and Year)

Table of contents


Why your topic is important


Any relevant and specific information

What other people had to say and/or did on this topic(s). (Cite your references, and quote as appropriate)

Note: Start from International to National and Regional perspectives

Discuss the books and papers that you include in your references.

Problems and shortcomings of their work

Literature review

Review what was done by other scholars as concerns the topic

Give your own views.


Draw together the introduction, background, and project sections.

How do they all relate together?

Restate important results


What was accomplished / learned

What you would have done differently from former researches


Include a number of books and papers that were useful.

Cite the papers/books/journals that you used

ASSIGNMENT: Discuss the following topics in relation to project management

a) Gender and Marginalization

b) Affirmative Action

after you have genreated a word documentalso i need a power point, presentation.

NOTE my lecturer is not serious with plagiarism, i just need the question conditions to be met, you can copy paste but make sure everything is in order and in power point it should contain all issues touched in the word document in a simple manner.

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