power and the presidency

Prompt: Does Donald Trump have too much power, too little power, or just the right amount of power as President of the United States?

First, you should explicitly discuss the president’s enumerated, implied, and inherent powers; you should consider both the president’s legal/formal and informal/political power.
Second, your essay must make an effort to connect the general discussion of presidential power (in the readings) with the specific or actual exercise of power by Donald Trump as president. In other words, point to concrete examples of how Donald Trump has attempted to or successfully exercised his powers as president.

1.Make sure you answer the question asked above. Your response must stay on topic and focused on providing support for your position.

2.Write at least 350 words keep in mind; this is the bare minimum; you should write more.

3.Make sure you use concrete examples of Trump’s exercise of presidential power. To do this, you should do your own “research,” which might only involve following the news and incorporating news stories into your essay. (scholarly articles)

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