writting politic environment eassy

In this assigment, you will do the following:

  • Select a piece of environmental legislation that has affected you. (It has to do with the area of BOGOTA-COLOMBIA). It can be something about poluttion
  • Research the history of the legislation, including the process by which it was advocated and passed.
  • Write a report summarizing your findings.

Assigment Notes

Write a journal article of 800–900 words about a piece of environmental legislation. Describe both the content of the legislation and the process of passing it. Explain the arguments for and against the legislation. Include an analysis of the effects of the legislation. If the legislation is too recent to have had any effect yet, speculate on its possible effects. Include your own point of view about the effectiveness of the legislation.

Be sure to check the model of the eassy and following all the instructions.

You also need to complete the File of Field Procedures and Plkanning


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