outline and annotated bibliography 9

Outline & Annotated Bibliography

For this assignment they would like an outline and annotated bibliography of my capstone project. The topic I will be focusing on is “Use of EHR in small practices“. In the thesis statement you can talk about the laws surrounding mandating that all healthcare facilities need to transition to a Electronic platform. Talk about barriers preventing some practices from implementing EHRs in their offices. Include any research that touches on possible ways increasing EHR use among small practices. APA format. Please let me know if you have any questions.


    • A proposed project title –What aspect of healthcare will your final project address?
    • Proposed research statement [one paragraph] – Define the research that will underscore and justify the project.
    • Introduction to the problem [one paragraph] – Why is this effort important?
    • Purpose of the study [one or two paragraphs] – What is the purpose of the preliminary research that will justify pursuing your project?
    • List 2-3 research questions
  • Annotated Bibliography
    • Annotated Bibliography [a minimum of five peer-reviewed references]

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