social and emotional development regarding divorce

To Prepare:

  • Choose two of the following aspects of social and emotional development:
    • Relationship with and interactions between mother, father, siblings
    • Quality of peer relationships
    • Empathy
    • Expression of emotion
    • Emotion regulation (e.g., impulse control)
    • Romantic relationship formation/success
  • Choose a developmental stage to focus on in this Discussion (e.g., preschool years, middle childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood). (Note: If you choose emerging adulthood, please make sure you focus on the development of individuals 18–25 whose parents are divorcing.)
  • Consider how divorce has been shown to impact that aspect of development in the short and long term.

By Day 4

Post an analysis of how divorce has been shown to impact the aspect of social and emotional development that you selected, both within the first 2 years after the divorce as well as long term (e.g., into adulthood). Reference at least two peer-reviewed articles beyond this week’s Learning Resources to support the arguments you present in your post.

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