help with accountant

I need 200-300 words for each. cite your source

Read it (page 10) and then answer any one of these three:

  • Do you see any ethical issues relating to accounting with the bookkeeper or accountant working for or advising one or more of these sellers?
  • What, if any, ethical issues or concerns do you see with an accounting firm being asked to audit or provide accounting advice on say the accounting system?
  • How about taxing authorities who will be collecting sales taxes froom these sales? Any ethical problems here?

You are Yale University’s accountant. you are going over the financials for the accounting period and notice a slide error with one of the $11,500 telephoto lenses they bought. Explain what is meant by a slide error and use the telephoto lens as your illustration (example). In other words, first tell us what a slide error is in general. Second, show us exactly what that error with the telephoto lens would look like.

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