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Abortion refers to the termination of a pregnancy, which involves the death of a embryo or fetus. A person is a human being that has consciousness, ability to feel pain, and can think. Abortion should be legal when a woman has been raped,having the baby will harm the woman, or if they can not provide for the baby. I think having an abortion by a certain time period is not equivalent to murdering the baby (within the first trimester). Embryos are not persons. Once the brain develops, I believe that should the cut off for abortion. The brain development allows for the fetus to feel pain and starts off the process of brain activity.

I believe that is acceptable to kill animals to eat; however, I do not approve of killing animals for entertainment. If you think about the food chain, most animals are carnivores in which they eat other animals. It is the cycle of life. A human embryo is not worth more than an animal in my opinion. I believe that an animal is actually worth more than an embryo. Animals can make decisions and they are conscious. They are fully developed and can survive on their own.

No, personhood is not a status only humans can have. Not all humans are persons and not all persons are humans. For example, animals can have personhood. Animals have emotions and make choices as well. Dead humans can not have personhood. They can not think nor can they feel pain.

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