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My teacher said: I love political humor, so here is a chance to have some fun and earn extra credit. Send me an e-mail with a link to a music video, television clip, stand-up comedy segment, or any other online media that will make me laugh about politics in 2018. Of course, be sure there isn’t anything inappropriate under the law or in violation of the academic freedom statement in the syllabus (some foul language is to be expected, which is ok since we are all adults). Then, clearly identify how the humor is related to a specific concept/topic/lesson from the textbook as shown in the example below.

The grade will be based on the quality, sophistication and relevance of the media you identified.


Prof. Din,

I think you will enjoy this segment of SNL, it is related to the changing demographics of the American people and changing expectations discussed on pages 12-16 in chapter 1.



Student X

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