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In this assignment, you will be asked to demonstrate what you have learned in terms of vector, wrapper classes, conversion, and collection data structures by writing and implementing Java code within your application that demonstrates each of these concepts. Hint: These may be utilized in areas of storing items in the customer order so that you can allow the customer to order more than one sub or beverage.

Also, thoroughly describe (in 5 paragraphs total) how you would utilize each of the following 4 topic areas to enhance the implementation of your Java sub-ordering application:

  • Vector class and methods (in terms of queue and stack creation and manipulation)
  • Wrapper classes (primitive)
  • Conversion methods (various string conversions)
  • Collections data structures (to build link list, queue, stack, search, and sort)

The following are the deliverables:

  • Update the title page for the Design Document with the Project Name (Unit 3 IP) and date.
  • Add the following section header: Phase 3 Revised Application Screenshots.
  • Add screenshots of each distinct screen from your running application.
  • Add 5 paragraphs about the 4 topic areas
  • Name the document yourname_ITSD424_IP3.doc.

*I’ve attached the previous zip file to update.

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