community mental health counseling


Working with people who live below the poverty line presents challenges for clinicians who work in social service agencies. Poverty acts as one of the strongest influencers on mental health issues, either directly or indirectly, which can make progress with clients frustratingly slow. For the clinician, the work does not typically pay as much, as it relies on grant funding or other support. Many decide they will only work with those who can pay private practice rates, while others argue the obligation to provide help to those in greatest need. Furthermore, many of the latter group change their mind after they begin working in the field.

  • 1. How might these issues change your approach to treatment?
  • 2. How would you go about securing funding from outside sources to help support a social service agency’s mission?
  • 3. Identify and describe two factors which may be impacted by the frequency of contact between clinicians and their clients.
  • 4. Identify two challenges which may be experienced by clinicians working in community mental health clinics.

Questions 1 and 2 should be a minimum of 2 double-spaced pages (12-point font).

Questions 3 and 4 should be minimum of 6 meaningful sentences

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