paper on code of hammurabi

  • 1. Read the Code of hammurabi, and then write a paper at least two double-spaced pages long which answers the following question: “What does this document tell us about attitudes toward gender and social class in ancient Babylon?”
  • the paper should not be bullet points to answer the question. To answer the question in an essay form, that has a clear thesis and argument. It should also include laws from the code of Hammurabi to support your argument. You can use this website to cite the paper. The foot note should somehow look like this
    1. “The Code of Hammurabi,” The Avalon Project, accessed January 23, 2017,, law 15.

    2. “The Code of Hammurabi,” laws 142-143.

2. You should make sure to refer to or quote specific examples from the code of hammurabi in order to support your arguments.

3. cite them using Chicago-format foot notes.

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