write a introduction of a pr campaign 1000 words

Write a 1000 words essay introducing the SK-II: The Marriage Market Takeover Campaign.

In the essay, please follow the structure as below:

For I ~ III, read the articles in the attachment, especially the “SKII_The_Marriage_Market_Takeover, all the information is in there!!

I. SK-II market background in China (150 words)
Low market share, PR crisis, not performing well….

II. Marriage Market Takeover Campaign (550 words)

1. Strategic approach
(a fresh approach, creating communication based on shared values instead of product benefits, try to change the perception of leftover women…etc. )

2. Creative and channel execution
(take over at the marriage market in Shanghai’s People’s Park …..Youtube, exhibition…etc)

III. Campaign’s Performance (200 words)

1. The campaign created attention, awareness and consumer engagement, and quickly became a news story and travelled to more than 50 countries.

2. Sales and market share increased/ Brand perception improved/ Consumer base increased

3. The campaign strengthened the connection between SK-II and consumers

IV. Criticism (100 words)

For this part, read: https://www.whatsonweibo.com/behind-sk-ii-change-d… all the information is in it.

Please include the references.

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