critique essay attached required information

Attached is the Outline and the reading material referencing my topic of the Ethics of Eating Meat.

Paul Schwennesen takes a critical look at the ethics of eating meat. He argues that ethical decisions are not easily come by and making ethical decisions means having a full understanding of the issue. In terms of whether or not to eat meat, Schwennesen fully engages in the process of meat cultivation and comes to the conclusion that it is part of the cycle of life.

For this assignment, write a critique that demonstrates a careful reading of the essay including a summary of the main ideas and your critical response to Schwennesen’s thesis and supporting details. Be sure to indicate your overall agreement or disagreement with Schwennesen and the reasons why. IMPORTANT: Do not to forget to include references to the following vocabulary to help guide your reader: rules, norms, social scripts, and roles.

Before writing consider the following rhetorical points:

Purpose: Create a critique of Schwennesen’s essay about the politics of food subsidies. Remember, a critique generally has three elements: summary, analysis, & evaluation. Be specific and refer to particular passages (use MLA for in-text citations) within the text as you analyze the soundness of his ideas and the relevance of his examples.

Audience: Fellow students and your instructor

Format: Critique / MLA Format / 3 pages.

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