hybrid activities

Watch the documentary How Art Made the World: The Day Pictures Were Born (link below)

and create a thread on Discussion Board. Submit a response to the video (250-300 words in paragraph format) and include the following:

1. A summary of the documentary: what is the main theme? What is the theory he presents and what evidence (more than one) does he use to support it?

2. What is the argument about the henge in modern Turkey (Gobekli Tepe)?

3. What particular part of the documentary did you find most interesting? Why?

4. Any other comments you would like to include.

Once you post your response, respond to two posts by other classmates. Remember

NETIQUETTE! See syllabus. Comments must be substantive; no “I agree.” or “I like your argument.”

Proofread for correct sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


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