what were reformers and revolutionaries criticisms of the past present and their visions for the future

or this paper, rely on the assigned primary sources (that is, the readings from the sourcebook and other documents). You may use the textbook for background information, but the paper must be principally based on your reading of the primary sources.


From the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth, what were reformers’ and revolutionaries’ criticisms of the past/present and their visions for the future? Possible angles to consider: gender, the place of intellectuals, culture, the role of the state, cities/countryside, tradition, etc. Be specific in your arguments, and back them with evidence from the assigned readings. NB: Be wary of bald generalizations between “the West”/modernity and “China”/tradition.

Sourcebook, rdgs. 47, 50, 54, and 56.
Sourcebook, rdgs. 59, 63-65, and 70.
Sourcebook, rdgs. 68, 73;Sourcebook, rdg. 86 Sourcebook, rdgs. 89-91, 93, 97, and 99.

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