class discussion 108

Is creating energy and electricity through nuclear power plants, a sustainable energy source, in order to augment reliance on fossil fuels an ethical idea when compared to other technologies, such as solar, wind, and natural gas? If so, on what basis? If not, why, and is there anything that could bolster its ethical production?

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Yes our country has a dependency for fossil fuels and nuclear power plants. These plants provide power for millions of people, coal is still used for energy and heat. Not saying these are the best things in the world to use, but they work and get the job done and create jobs at the same time. Yes wind mills, solar engergy and natural gas are all better choices in the long run and have less residual effects on our planet. But lets look at the big picture, our country is already set up to run on these plants that running and providing the majority of all the power in this country. Getting this country switced over to safer and healither energy choices is going to take time and lots of time, money, man power. We have to get all of these things built, put in place hooked up and operational then connected to deliever to the people. Until there is enough of these other energy options out there and in place to take care of every and even make the thought of not using nuclear power a reality it will take time. Another 15 years this might be a more ethical option to provide power for our country, but not today. For now we dance with the devil we know until renewable energy is more avalible for the people.

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