do outline and intro peer review

Please do a peer review for at least two of my classmates, one is from this links(Link to draft outline (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.); and one is the attached below. Using the revision checklist below to do peer review on those two works.

Revision Checklist: Intro and Outline

English 102

This checklist asks you to respond to a series of questions about each piece you read. In person: Please respond on a separate sheet of paper. Online: You may type your responses directly into this document, then save it and send it with your feedback to the author by attaching it in a reply to author’s initial post in the discussion forum.

Suggestion: Scan the outline before responding to it. Be sure to get together and discuss your peer review with the author when you’re done.

  1. Format: Does the paper follow proper MLA format? This includes:
  1. Identifying information at the top left.
  2. A running header at the top right
  3. A title
  4. Is the paper in paragraph format for the introduction and in outline format for the outline?
    1. Spacing: The identifying information, the title and the introduction should be double-spaced; the outline should be single-spaced. Is it?

2. Elements: Does the outline include the following elements?

a. Introduction: Does this give:

A brief summary of the topic?

A brief discussion of the main issues?

A thesis statement?

b. Body: Does the body break down in outline format the main points? Does it include points about evidence and reasoning that will likely be used?

c. Conclusion: Does the author state how he or she expects to tie it all together?

3. Other Considerations:

a. Does the introduction give you a good idea of what the paper will be about? Is the thesis clear?

b. Does the outline seem complete? Do you see any holes?

b. Is the outline easy to follow, or are there organizational problems?

c. Did you see any recurring grammar or style errors?

d. What did you really like about the paper? Is there anything else you want to tell the author?


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