leading diverse teams racial ethnic and cultural prejudice in the workplace

Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Prejudice in the Workplace

Race, ethnicity, and cultural background are identifiers of individuals. In any society, how we see ourselves and how others treat us depend on many factors. Most people have confronted prejudice based on these identifiers, by either personally experiencing discrimination or knowing someone who has. Beyond ensuring an organization’s compliance with the country’s anti-discrimination laws, it is incumbent upon leaders to support diversity in the workplace and to be culturally competent.


Write a paper in which you relate an experience with prejudice in the workplace. If you do not have such experience directly, you may base your paper on someone you know who has experienced discrimination, or on an actual case that occurred somewhere in the world. Address the following in your paper:

  • Summarize the situation you are writing about; provide background information, such as how it happened, to whom it happened (you do not need to identify people by name), when it happened and where. Your goal is to demonstrate to the instructor your ability to assess how racial, ethnic, and/or cultural prejudices are expressed in the workplace.
  • Explain the implications of the situation to the organization in terms of its stakeholders, its reputation, and its legal responsibilities. What laws, if any, were broken?
  • Identify any negative effects of the discrimination issue on the morale and functioning of coworkers and employees.
  • Describe three action steps that you, as a leader, would have taken to avoid the situation in the first place, as well as three actions steps you would have taken to handle the situation after it happened. Describe how you would have addressed “cultural competence” in both instances.

Paper Requirements:

  • Using the CSU-Global library as a source, provide two scholarly references. You may use the readings in the module.
  • Your well-written paper must be 3-4 pages in length

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