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I need each repose to be 100 words per statement:

The class had to responded to this statement: Please DO NOT respond do this

What purpose does the electoral college serve? Does it still serve as a protection for small states, or is used as a way to control the political process with less than a majority of the votes? Defend your position with facts. As we wrap up your examination of the political process, consider whether we should be limited to just two parties or would we be better served with several different parties? Use information you have learned in this course to support your position.

The following two statements are reposes to the questions above. I need you to respond to statement 1 and statement 2. 100 words a each.

Statement 1 : RESPOND TO THIS

The electoral college consists of a group of people who are selected by the state by power granted from the constitution to choose the president, based on how their states voted in the election, as explained by Krutz & Waskiewicz (Ch 7). I am unsure as to whether or not this still protects small states. On the surface it seems like it doesn’t work the way it should, if more than half the popular vote goes to someone other than who was actually elected, it seems wrong. According to an infographic on, it has happened five times in history, and the candidates who lost were democrats, or almost a democrat in the case of Andrew Jackson (Buchholz, 2019). I think our political parties have gotten too powerful and now it is just a struggle between the two and we are the losers. When reading about the primary system, I came upon the following quote that really angered me. “When the national political parties want to prevent states from frontloading, or doing anything else they deem detrimental, they can change the state’s delegate count, which in essence increases or reduces the state’s say in who becomes the presidential nominee. In 1996, the Republicans offered bonus delegates to states that held their primaries and caucuses later in the nominating season” Krutz & Waskiewicz (2015). So, it seems like the states are held hostage to a non-government group of individuals and this seems wrong, but how do we change it? What do you guys think?

Statement 2:RESPOND TO THIS:

The electoral college is a system of balancing the votes for President in the US across the states geographically. Previous to using the electoral college the election of the President was done by Congress. The citizens of the states have a popular vote and in all states except for Maine and Nebraska there is a winner takes all method for electoral college votes. Each state is given one vote for each House representative and two votes for each senator. There is a growing concern that this process is outdated and that it exists only because it was difficult 200 years ago to count votes from all of the citizens across the United States. There is growing support for the National Popular Vote Initiative which would circumvent the electoral college process currently existing. Instead of each state voting for the winner within its own borders, the electoral college votes for the state would be given to the winner of the popular vote in the nation (Rakich, 2019). This would be a huge leap forward in exhibiting true democracy without borders in the US.

The two party system that we have in the government is turning into the divisive, partisan system that George Washington eluded to in his farewell address to the nation over 200 years ago (Krutz, 2016, p. 330). It is not clear how this country can break free from the reigns that these parties are holding, but returning to a government for the people would require such extreme measures as undoing political parties completely. Current party politics are keeping issues hostage for political gains. Issues such as a woman’s right to choose and immigration reform could easily be legislated but politicians choose to argue with one another and create division amongst their constituents instead of debating and resolving issues with one another.

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