ib 225 capstone assignment 1


  1. The topic of this entire course is understanding the global business environment. There are both proponent and critics of international business/globalization. Please explain both sides of the argument and give your final opinion on whether international business helps or hurts the world.
  1. One the most notorious failed international mergers in history is that of Daimler (Germany) with Chrysler (United States). Please read the attachedWall Street Journal article “DaimlerChrysler: The Divorce” and, given what you learned in chapter 4 about how differences in culture affect international business, please explain why you think this merger was a failure. You should use outside sources to support your claims.
  1. Summarize the following articles (about 1.5 pages each) discussing topics discussed during the duration of the course. The article can be downloaded using Milner Library online sources.
    1. Ensign et al. “BlackBerry in Red China: Research in Motion Navigates Institutional Barriers in an Emerging Market.” Thunderbird International Business Review, 2008, 50(2): 129-142.
    1. Luo and Rui. “An Ambidexterity Perspective towards Multinational Enterprises from Emerging Economies.” Academy of Management Perspectives, 2009, 23(4): 49-70.
  1. Self-reflection Essay: explain how you would use in your future international business career two concepts learned in this class. Devote at least 2 paragraphs for each concept. Don’t forget to explain the concepts first (one paragraph max. for explaining each concept). Cite page numbers of the textbook where the concepts are highlighted or discussed.

To answer this question think like a senior manager. Specifically, focus on your long-term career and not just immediate job assignment upon graduation.

Submission Guidelines

Page limit: 25 pages, 1.5-spaced, 11 point Times New Roman font.

The cover page of the submission should include course number, “IB 225: Capstone Assignment” and your first and last name. The second page should be the table of contents. The last page should be the reference page.

Please also note:

  1. This is an individual assignment. Collaborative work is easily detectable and will result in all parties failing the course.
  2. There is no need for typing out the questions, only the solutions.
  3. No figures, charts, tables etc. are required for his assignment, but they can be used to illustrate your points.
  4. Your answers should be numbered clearly. Major concepts included in the solution can be identified via bold, underline, highlighting, etc.
  5. Correct grammar and concise business writing will be factored into your assignment grade.

Good luck!

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