research paper south africa

I need the first 5 pages of a 15 page research paper by Thursday, I will post the remaining 10 page request as a separate question after I have more developed feedback on it.

1.Focus on one specific feature of apartheid. You can decide how narrow. Narrow is better than broad. Or rather, narrow can illuminate broad. The focus is on tribes and how they interact with the apartheid government, eg the government, may say the tribe are divided so they are not a large representation. Inter tribe communication etc..

2.Be able to illustrate your final paper with text and images from Mighty Man; i.e. incorporate dialogue and panels into the core of your paper. I will upload specific might man issues

3.Add comparative text and images from the Black Panther the comic if you deem the comparison relevant (i.e. the comparison is optional). Black Panther: Panther’s Quest (Marvel Comics Presents (1988-1995))

4.Do include material from Trevor Noah (i.e. at least two quotes required).

5.Do include material from “When We Were Black” (i.e. at least two quotes/descriptions required).

6.Search the Adam Matthew online Apartheid South Africa collection of digitized documents from the British National Archives. I have included information below about how to use this resource.

7.Make use of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s material, all available online in video form as well as transcripts of testimony given over several years of hearings. You can get a start here by watching this video about the Soweto uprising:

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