disaster recovery and business continuity plan 7

Using the financial services scenario from the Week 2 Learning Team assignment, “Financial Service Security Engagement,” create an 8- to 10-page Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan with the following:

  • REFER to course materials, Additional Resources below, and the grading rubric
  • Determine the recovery model for your backup and recovery strategy
    • Design the backup strategy and include a diagram to document your backup strategy. Include recovery steps in your diagram
    • Recommend a schedule for backups
  • Explain how you will test your backup and recovery strategy
    • Recovery sites
      • Hot site
      • Warm site
      • Cold site
  • Backup types
    • Differential
    • Incremental
    • Snapshot
    • Full
  • Geographic considerations
    • Distance
    • Environmental conditions
    • Legal and political environment
  • Continuity of operation
    • Exercises
    • After-action reports
    • Failover
    • Alternate processing sites
    • Alternate business practices

Additional Resources

  • Backups

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