how does these examples technical articles compare to the documents that how you have been taught to write in an english class whether in high school or in first year composition

I need this paper for my online discussion post for technical communication course. What you need to do is first choose two examples from technical communication articles set about photography that I listed below:

  1. “Basics of Photography: Your Camera’s Manual Settings”
  2. Night Photography
  3. Kennedy Space Center: Decision on Photographic Requirements Appears Justified
  4. “Request for Proposals — Photography Services for the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc.”
  5. Camera
  6. Fuji X100T
  7. “Field Test: Fujifilim’s X100T Is the Most Amazing Camera I’d Never Buy”
  8. Capturing Light: The Science of Photography
  9. “Fujifilm X100T Hands-On Review”
  10. “Pinhole Camera”
  11. Request for Proposal: Photography and Videography
  12. “Making the Most of Your Photos”
  13. “How to Understand the Science of Photography and Technical Terms for Mastering Image Tonality”
  14. Tilt Shift
  15. Kid Stuff: See Yourself Camera
  16. Manual Photography Cheat Sheet
  17. “5 Best Laptops for Photography”

Then, you can start writing. The paper have to answer how the examples that you chose compare to the documents that how you have been taught to write in an English class, whether in high school or in first-year composition (basically showing the difference between writing at work versus writing at school). However, to answer the question you don’t need to come up with your own arguments. We have a textbook that we have to use that I’m going to upload, so you you would have to read from page 4-7 ( The section “writing at work versus writing at school”) then show how the characteristics of technical writing stated in there can be seen on the article examples that you chose. So quoting especially from the section of the book is necessary as well as from the article examples. It is an analysis paper so please make sure to use multiple in text citations to answer the question. Finally, don’t forget to include page numbers on the in text citations whenever you cite from the textbook please (It’s important).

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