discussion question 1316

Discussion question-In your Ethics in Health Administration text, the author identifies the key processes of health care management as planning, organizing, staffing, influencing, and controlling (pages 358-368). And Chapter 16 “Practicing as an Ethical Administrator,” p. 258-278.

Use your Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers text to read the following:

Chapter 8, “Research in Healthcare Organizations,” pages 125–141. Chapter 15,” Healthcare Management Consulting,” pages 261–275. Chapter 16, “Building Your Future as a Healthcare Manager,” pages 278–293

Used the internet to access the following:

American College of Healthcare Executives. (2016) Ethics self-assessment.

American College of Healthcare Executives. (2013). Policy statement: Lifelong learning and the healthcare executive.

1.Ethics and Key Management Processes-post must be between 300-800 words

Review the examples of ethical applications related to these processes. Identify a specific management process. Review the ACHE Ethics Self-Assessment, paying particular attention to aspects related to this process. Discuss information, insights, experiences, writers, speakers, concepts, or theories from this course you personally feel will be valuable in your career for effectively addressing ethical issues related to this process.

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